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Naturopathy Is A Natural Medecine Which Alleviate Pain By Using Natural Methods. As Such, Naturopathie Uses Massages And Healthcare Advices.

Sprouted grains

Sprouted grains come from the germination of herbs or plants. Those that interest us are those with therapeutic properties. For example, wheatgrass has beneficial effects which are blood detoxification, blood regeneration, organ detoxification and organ regeneration. Thus, this herb will bring constant and general improvement in the state of health of the consumer. This herb can also be made into juice which will have the effect of improving health.


Hijama-Ventouses-Cupping Therapy The Cupping Help To Relax The Body's Muscles And The Flow Of Blood By Expelling Hidden Toxines.


Cupping therapy-Ventouses-hijama What are hijama benefits? It helps relieve stress, headaches, joint pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, insomnia. It also helps with hormonal disorders, reduces cellulite and for muscle tension and tiredness, etc.

Hijama - Cupping Therapy helps with back pain

Hijama - Cupping Therapy help with frozen shoulder

Hijama-Cupping Therapy help reduces cellulite and Varicose

Hijama - Cupping Therapy help reducing muscle tension

Service Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Involve A Group Of Techniques Which Acts At The Circulatory, Ligamentous And Muscular Level So As To Diminush Pain (Back Pain, Headache,Etc).


Acupressure Is A Type Of Medecin Chinois Natural Massage Practiced By Using The Tip Of The Fingers, The Hands And The Wrists On Specific Points (Acupoints) Of The Back And Neck. It Helps To Reduce Located Pains Such As Minor Backpain, Stiff Neck, Aches, Etc.


Reflexology is based on the fact that the hands and feet are connected to differents organs. As such, by applying pressure on certain points, it will relieve some pain.

Weight loss

We use an infrared machine to burn fat cells. It Give Very Good Result And it is safe. It breaks down fat cells, which causes a weight loss.

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